Sophisticated Capital for

Unique, High Quality Investments


K2 Capital Partners Group (K2 Capital) provides sophisticated and nimble capital for capacity constrained private market opportunities. We gain comfort investing our personal capital, and bring in members from our ecosystem to fill out an investment.

We invest in companies across all stages from seed to late stage, pre-IPO growth and provide direct access to unique and disruptive companies. In addition, we source opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns in venture capital and private equity funds. These Funds are managed by experienced teams with proven track records who we know intimately from our time in the Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Private Credit Industry for 15+ years.


We structure our sourcing and diligence to fit each independent investment from a first principles approach. To the extent there is a need for additional capital, we form a syndicate of investors from within our ecosystem. Participation is structured to be 100% opt-in, where each potential investor has discretion and makes their own investment decision.

We continue to see increased demand for bespoke opportunities from the high net worth and family office investment communities. We strive to create a platform that provides access to these opportunities for investors.